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Ideas For Union Jack Themed Party Decorations

The amazing thing about the Union jack theme is you can apply it to the top-most types of parties. Whether you are throwing a birthday, baby shower, bon voyage, or simply dinner party, the theme is flexible and can be presented in a number of creative ways. Here are some top union jack party decoration ideas to wow your attendees at your next event.

Food Display

British food has an image of being a little dull and boring, but your presentation does not have to be. Food is an art that can be utilized to create a long-lasting impression. No, here we are not just talking about serving lip-smacking dishes, but also presenting food on display to pique your guest’s interest. When arranged stylishly, food can bring another level of excitement to your union jack party decorations UK. After all, as a host, you want your guests to remember everything at the event, from the British party decorations to food.


To create a show-stopping experience, you can drape British themed pennant banners from the ceiling’s center to the corners of the room or can use accessories from religious party supplies UK for draping. This decoration idea works best in small spaces with high ceilings. Using ceiling decorations can lower the need for floor décor, which automatically saves a lot of money and moving space. To create the ultimate effect, you can prefer England party supplies as these supplies have everything that is needed for decorating an event.

Goodie Bags

You are only restricted by your thoughts and imagination when it comes to using gifts as a part of the event decor. Small colored party bags wrapped in attractive packing can be considered as a part of the presentation. The secret colored gift bags invokes the kid in all of us and adds an extra layer of decoration to the table.

Table Decorations

If you don’t have the budget to spend on crystal stemware, you can still maintain your creative skills with party supplies UK. Whether it is union jack themed accessories or things from religious decorations party supplies, think of something unique to grab the attention of your guests.

Event design or England party decorations allows planners to step into an unusual task and genuinely think outside the box. There are uncountable ideas based on your budget and event type. We hope that these ideas will give you a head start in planning your next union jacked theme event and making it memorable.

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